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Alice Youngs ~ 1890ishbutterfly9.GIF (2347 bytes)


buttterfly8.GIF (2243 bytes)     Phillip Rusell O'Dell and friends ~ 1930's

                    Phillip Rusell and sons ~ 1930's

                    Phillip Rusell and his sons ~ 1935'ish


butterfly7.GIF (2251 bytes)        Layfette Spencer and Alfredia Bentley  ~  1870's?


butterfly4.GIF (1753 bytes)Clara Stevenson, Mary Day, Evert Day


btfly10.gif (2183 bytes)        Frank Jr., Phillip Rusell, and Alice Elizabeth ~ Early 1900's

                Frank Elmer O'Dell and Layfette Spencer ~ Before 1924

                              Frank Elmer O'Dell and his daughter Mary Spencer Nixon ~ 1911

                                 Frank Elmer, Phillip Rusell and sons ~ Three geneartions of O'Dells



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These photos are *NOT* placed in public domain.  They are copyrighted. ( The same can be said for the graphics by Morya ) If you are a relative, please email me and get my permission before using them upon your site.  Thank you.