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Oakland Marriages

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O’Dell, Lucretia, 23, of Milford, to Bourns, Thomas, 21 of  Milford, October 7, 1847, by John K. Gillet, M.G. Witnesses, Henry O’Dell and Ira W. Donelson, both of Milford.

O’Dell, Hiram, 21 of Pontiac, to Fanny Rogers, 22 of Fentonville, Genesee Co., Michigan, at Pontiac, January 13, 1850, by John P. LeRoy, J.P., Witnesses were Caroline and James Hickey, both of Pontiac, Michigan.

O’Dell, Charlotte, 19 of Pontiac, to Henry, Wm. S., 25, of Pontiac, at Pontiac July 3, 1853, by Ira Bromley, J.P. Witnesses were Betsey S. Bromley and Hiarm O’Dell, both of Pontiac.

O’Dell, William Ransom, 23 of Addison, to Ann E. Townsend, 22 of Addison, at Addison, April 19, 1853, by Jacob Bowers, J.P. Witnesses were Atburn B and Dennis Bates, both of Addison.

      O’Dell, Lewis to Clum, Deliah. Book E. Page 23. February 8, 1855.

O’Dell, Willard C., 25, of Sanilac, to Mary L. English, 22, of Almont. October 01, 1860, Lakeville, Michigan. Book F. Page 110.


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