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October 1988 ~ This cemetery is located on the east side of thePittsford - Ionia Road in the hamlet of Mendon. It is also known as Baptist Hill Cemetery and east Mendon Cemetery. This cemetery has had three records of tombstone inscriptions made before this. The first was most definately the best of the three. In 1890, Daniel Allen compiled a list from the records of interments and supplemented this within formation from various other sources. His list also included the lot that the person was buried on. [Note:Potters Field referred to herein is the pauper's lot]. The second list was made in the mid 1920's by Mary T. Douglas.The third list was published in Nov. 1980 by Mr. & Mrs.Robert H. Dows and Mr. & Mrs. William Souve. This list was made by combining the old lists and then correcting and adding to it including more lot information.

DAY, Charles lot 55 d Feb. 3, 1852 73
        George   d Dec. 3, 1851  29

        wife of George

  d July 11, 1847 24
            Judson   May 19, 1868 34y 6m

         wife of Charles

  d Feb. 14, 1875 81

This information was obtained from Monroe County Records

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