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Est. April 15, 1998

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btfly3.gif (2304 bytes)     The main Surnames on these pages are: Bently, Boughner, Crisman, Day, Flint, English, O'Dell, Spencer,  Stevenson, Thanford, Webster, Youngs.  Specific names, dates, etc can be found on my Ancestors report page. 


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btfly2.gif (2291 bytes)   If you find a connection please let me know as I am always looking for more information about my family.  I love gathering the stories about my ancestors.


  btfly10.gif (2183 bytes)      You can sign my guestbook just to let me know what you think I could do better, or even to use it as a query board for the above Surnames. 


 btfly3.gif (2304 bytes)       I have gathered some information on the Surnames that I haven't been able to use and you can find it here.


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btfly2.gif (2291 bytes)       Ancestor's of Phillip Russel O'Dell

btfly3.gif (2304 bytes)         Ancestor's of Mary Lillie Day


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