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        Hello and welcome to my side of the tree!  At the present I have more on my Father's side online then my Mother's, but that is soon to change.  There is quite a lot of information to be found upon these pages so please sit back and enjoy.


SurnamesSurnames on my Father's side.   This is a very easily navigated version of my GED online to explore.  I hope you find a connection and get back to me!  


Please sign my Guest BookYou can sign my guestbook just to let me know what you think I could do better, or even to use it as a query board for the above Surnames.  


This & ThatI have gathered some information on the Surnames that I haven't been able to use and you can find it here along with my sides too.


Questions?  Email me please!Have a question, suggestion, just wanna touch base with me about something?  Be sure to drop me a line.  I would love to hear from you!




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