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From Fall 1988 ~

In 1901 the state licensed the funeral directors.  There were 7 in Genesee County (Michigan) who took the license.   These were:  Robert Wright, Fenton; F. S. Crossiman (this might be Crissman), Flint; Daniel J. Odell, Fenton; John M. Rhubottom, Fenton; A. W. Dodds, Flint; C. W. Dumanois, Davidson; and E. E. Huych, Clio.


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From April 1986

ODELL, William, of Mundy, Genesee County, Michigan, publishes his will 24 April 1885 and gives wife Lois Odell property, Lots 4 and 5 on Block 3 of Thurber's Addition, in the Village of Fenton, and a sum of money. case this property has been sold "before my decease", then in lieu of lots, pay out a greater specific sum of money. Gives wife all furniture, books, pictures, and electric battery, except one feather bed and family Bible, which are to go to son Lafayette Odell, as well as "my wearing apparel". Gives son Lafayette Odell a sum of money "over and above what I give to my other heirs". The balance of estate is to be shared alike
for daughters Charity Borst and Elizabeth S. Martin, and son Lafayette Odell. Requests that son Lafayette Odell erect "at my grave similar to the one at his mother's grave, and also suitable stones at the of my sister Hannah and my daughter Clarinda". Appoints son Odell executor. Wits: Harriet M. Puller of Detroit and John of Fenton. Seal of Probate 28 September 1885; Register of
for record 9 October 1885. (Book I, page 214)



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